Football squads

Every year we have a football squad that trains in the Autumn, Winter and Spring term.  This year we will have a football team consisting mainly of Year 6 plus some Year 5.  Trials happened in the Autumn term and the teams were selected.  Those selected will be invited to train each Thursday from 3.20-4.45pm.  They must remember to bring a change of clothes (not school PE kits please) including football boots (no metal studs), shin pads, long socks and their water bottle.  They will get changed in 5S or 6H and will be expected to change back into their school uniform before leaving.  If this is an issue for you, please speak to Mr Lee.

The squad trains until Easter and does not run in the Summer term.  If the weather is very bad, training may have to be cancelled so please be prepared for late notice.  If your child cannot attend a session for any reason, I would be grateful if you notify myself or the office in advance.  Please note that during the last half term of the Winter term and first half term of the Spring term, children will not be released to walk home unaccompanied due to the limited daylight, as per the school policy.

Along with the privilege of being selected to represent the school comes the responsibiilty of leading by example.  Therefore, any child who repeatedly misbehaves at school, either on or off the pitch, will be swapped with a player from the C team without hesitation.

Parents are kept informed via WhatsApp by Mrs Wilson, the football team co-ordinator

Don’t forget a water bottle.

Teams selected for 2022/2023

Mr Sellars was very impressed with the turn out for football team trials and the competition was tough.  He will keep a note of those who missed out and will let them know if a C team is possible in the future and year 5 children will get a chance to try out again in year 6.  In the meantime only team A & B can attend squad training and parents have been contacted with a link to sign up to Spond for team communications. 

Team A

  • Zander C
  • Jaik O 
  • Jacob R 
  • Dexter D
  • Michael M
  • Kiaan H
  • Neave O
  • Zachary C
  • Hiro I 
  • Charles H
  • Henry W 
  • Aaron M

Team B

  • Harry S
  • Samuel R
  • George R
  • Ithikasan R 
  • Ben L 
  • James O
  • Henry M
  • Kasper Q 
  • Theo V
  • Henry D
  • Elliot G (Goal)

Football fixtures

We begin the school year each September with a football tournament held at Epsom College where we play many preparatory schools from the local area and South London. Then in the Spring we take part in inter-school football fixtures against the local Epsom and Ewell schools.


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