Clubs at Wallace Fields Junior school

At Wallace Fields Junior School we normally offer a huge range of extra curricula activities. These include:

  • Sports clubs such as Judo, Basketball, Football
  • Music clubs such as Theatre Arts and Hip Hop
  • Language clubs such as Spanish, Latin and French
  • Other clubs such as Science, Art & Crafts, Chess, Cookery and Coding

Some are free and teacher led, most are fee paying and run by parents or external companies. For team training there are trials held and your child will be informed if they have a place on the team.  Due to Covid restrictions we have been unable to run our clubs.  After the Easter holidays some limited clubs are returning follow our school Covid guidelines and remaining in school year group bubbles.  More will hopefully return in the Autumn if the Covid guidelines are relaxed.

Please see the clubs timetable for nex term and previous terms below:-


Signing up for a club

If you are interested in your child attending a club please follow the instructions on the club letter. For most clubs this is normally at the end of the term before; but some clubs they start in September and run for the whole year.  Please see the club letters grouped by type on the left hand side for the club letter as well as below.

Where clubs are teacher-led and at lunchtime no permission slip is required and your child will be informed in class or assembly how to join the club, when and where the club will run.

Music clubs

Sports Club letters

Language Clubs

Other clubs

Keep club leader informed

Clubs are run independently of the school, so it is very important to inform the club leader of the following at the beginning of each term and if it changes at any point:-

  • Contact details (mobile number and email address) for emergencies
  • Any specific pick up arrangements such as permission to walk home (not permitted from Oct half term until Feb half term) or other adults permitted to pick up.
  • Medical needs and medicines stored in School First Aid (if applicable), and any relevant special needs that you feel that the leader should be made aware of.

Unable to attend club for any reason

If your child is unable to attend for any reason please contact the club leader directly (contact details will be found on the club letter) unless it is at the very last minute then the School Office can be informed.

Start and End dates

Details about the start and end dates of each club and contact details for the club leader can be found on the Club letters attached go to the links on the left hand side. Please note these dates in your diary. We will also post in the Weekly Bulletin a summary of the clubs end of term dates a few weeks before the term ends.


Club Vale is the provider of wraparound child care at Wallace Fields Junior School.  Click here for more information.


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