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Admissions Criteria

Admissions Criteria
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Change to the admissions Criteria for September 2020


As you may be aware, Surrey County Council recently consulted on a proposal to change the admission criteria and measuring point for admission to Wallace Fields Junior School.



That the admission arrangements for Wallace Fields Junior School are amended so that the measuring point used to assess nearest school and home to school distance will be the nearest gate of either Wallace Fields Infant School or Wallace Fields Junior School.


Reasons for Recommendation

  • There was overall support for this change
  • It is supported by the Headteacher and Governing Body of Wallace Fields Junior School
  • It will ensure that the school serves the local community around both the junior and the infant schools
  • It will enable more local children to transfer to the junior school from the infant school
  • It will support families by keeping siblings at schools that are within close proximity
  • It will remove uncertainty for some families who have the infant school as their nearest school at Reception but not the junior school at Year 3
  • The change to the admission arrangements was agreed by the governors of both the junior school and the infant school.



The recommendation is to be implemented as there was significant support for this proposal with 28 respondents in support and one opposed to it. 

  1. The Headteacher and Governors at both Wallace Fields Infant and Wallace Fields Junior schools support this change as they are keen for both schools to serve the same community around the schools. They agree that they do not wish some families to gain a place at the infant school as a result of it being their nearest school, only to find that the same children cannot transfer to the junior school on the same basis, despite having not changed address. Nor do they wish that children admitted to one school on the basis of nearest school cannot have a sibling considered on the same basis for the other school.
  2. Such a change to the points used to measure nearest school will also require a change to the points used to measure home to school distance and this will ensure consistency when considering admission to either school. This proposal is in line with a proposal consulted on by the infant school.