Interested in sending your child to Wallace Fields Junior School

We are delighted to hear that you are interesting in sending your child to our school.  

Applying for a place

Surrey County Council is the admission authority for this school.  To find up to date information about the school’s admission arrangements; details on how to apply, either as part of the normal intake or during the school year; and information on how to appeal, please use this link to the Surrey County Council website –


The local authority is responsible for determining the admission arrangements as we are a community and voluntary controlled school.  For the details of our admission arrangements and the admission criteria please go to


Fair Access Protocol

The majority of children applying in year will be admitted to a school through the school’s usual in year admission procedure. These protocols only apply to children who are applying for a place in year. This Protocol will be triggered when a child is refused admission through the in-year process and is identified as falling within one of the criteria set out within paragraph 5.2 of the Fair Access Protocol. 

For children applying for a place at a school in the normal year of entry (i.e. where a PAN exists for entry into that year group - normally Reception, Year 3 and Year 7), admission can only be refused in year if the PAN has been reached or  the child has been permanently excluded from two or more schools and the last exclusion was within the last two years (there are limited exceptions to this rule explained in the documentation). 

Virtual tour of Wallace Fields Junior School

We can now accept visitors into school and if you would like to have a look around please look out for the school tour dates on the website (these normally happen during the Autumn term).  You will be shown round by our Year 6 prefects and I will speak to you in person when you visit.  If the tours are finished then please call our wonderful office team and they will answer your questions. 

Watching the video attached will give you a quick virtual tour.