Our school values underpin all that we do at Wallace Fields Junior School. These values are written by the children, for the children and adults within the Wallace Fields Junior School community.  The values are referred to during praise, to guide behaviour, and to show that all children within the school have a fair, equal and valuable education.  We encourage children to BELIEVE that they can “Dream more, learn more, do more, become more”.


We believe every pupil can be brilliant in many things


Children at our school are treated equally and show respect and be inclusive of each other and to all those they interact with

Learning for all

We believe we can all achieve to reach our full potential, with a growth mind-set and without limits. We learn in a rich and vibrant environment to stimulate learning at depth.


We believe our school inspires children in all classes, to light the spark that will set them off learning and loving more about the world around them.


We believe that enthusiasm drives through the children, teachers and staff and this builds us as confident, kind and well-rounded individuals. We believe in a keenness to explore, investigate, question and learn.


We believe we have a view to the future to equip children with the skills and attributes needed for secondary school and beyond. We believe that every child has a vision of progress and achieving success.

Every pupil matters

We believe that every child is treated as an individual, has a personality and character of their own and makes a difference in everything they do as a person, a partner, a group or a citizen.

“Dream more, learn more, do more, become more”