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Modern Foreign Languages during the Covid Recovery Curriculum

Children at Wallace Fields Junior School previously learned French throughout the school in a 30 minute lesson taught by a Modern Foreign Language specialist, but in light of the Recovery Curriculum, our school is having to adapt in many ways to aid children’s catch up after four months of distance learning.  As the current health situation is ever evolving, we will be reviewing this plan on weekly basis and we’ll be looking to resume usual Modern Foreign language lessons as soon as possible.  In the past we also ran Spanish, French, German and Latin extra-curricular clubs at school but due to Covid-restrictions these are unable to go ahead.

International School Award

We are very proud to have been granted the International School Award from the British Council, in recognition of our work with our partner schools in France and Kenya and of our provision of an ongoing global curriculum.

Topics and curriculum

Although children are taught through topics, the emphasis is on language skills and language-learning strategies, rather than an accumulation of vocabulary. This prepares them for language-learning in secondary school, whichever language they go on to study. Topics include:

  • Introduction language
  • Numbers
  • Colours
  • Descriptions (myself, objects, places)
  • Sports (preference)
  • Food and drink (ordering, preference)
  • Please see your child’s year group curriculum map for more detail.

Useful websites

  • To help your child at home you can visit the BBC schools website, which is free to use and needs no log-in details. This can be found at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primarylanguages/french/
  • We are also subscribed to linguascope, which is a language learning website with lots of fun activities for the children to practise hearing and reading French. The website is www.linguascope.com

Please contact Madame Fesnoux for the username and password for this site, as we are not permitted to put these on our school website, under the conditions of the licence.

Competitions and other activities

  • European Day of Languages. Previously in September, along with schools all over the country, we celebrate the European Day of Languages, a day set aside to celebrate cultural and linguistic diversity. Each year group concentrates on a different language and does fun activities, food tasting and singing in that language. Due to Covid restrictions this did not go ahead in 2020.
  • Junior Language Challenge. Each Spring Term, there is an opportunity to compete in a national language competition. Our children always do very well in this competition, and it is intended to help with language-learning strategies in a fun way.
  • Pen-pals. We have long-running links with schools in Brittany and Paris and the children correspond with the children in both English and in French. This helps the children to understand the importance of learning a language and they love to notice some of the similarities and differences with their new friends.
  • Ambleteuse. In the summer term of Year 6 in the past the children have oreviously had the opportunity to go for a week to France. This is always an enjoyable time and, to prepare them for ordering food at a French market, they have a French tasting day at the end of SATs week, where they can practise their French before they go, while getting to eat croissants, baguette and French cheese.  Due to Covid travel restrictions this trip did not go ahead in Summer 2020 and sadly is unlikely to go ahead in 2021.

National Curriculum

To find out more about the national curriculum for Languages in Key Stage 2 that the school is following click here.

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