Computing at Wallace Fields Junior School

Computing curriculum

In a rapidly-changing, modern world, at Wallace Fields we strive to provide children with the necessary skills and knowledge to embark on all areas of society when faced with technology. We follow the National Curriculum for computing, which enables progression and challenge within the subject across all year groups. Every year group has a half termly focus, which may be safety online, coding, programming, multimedia work, word processing and computer science - discussing key questions, such as: what is the internet? How does a network work? 

Computing software

Some of the software we use in school includes Scratch,, audacity, iMovie, Microsoft Office and Kodu. This gives the children the opportunity to explore different platforms within the computing curriculum and build upon prior knowledge by challenging their own understanding and skills with various appliances. 

Safety online

Embedded throughout the curriculum, there is a key focus on safety online. It is paramount that the children understand how to navigate their way through and around technology in a safe and positive way. The children sign an acceptable use policy, which is digital, and appears every time they log onto a computer. This works as a constant reminder to use the computers in a positive and appropriate manner during lessons and extra-curricular activities. We incorporate this throughout our PSHE and Circle Time lessons, too. You can find our E-Safety policy below.

Computing Suite

We are lucky enough to have a fully operational Computing Suite, which is used weekly by every class. This is time for the children to interact and experiment with Microsoft software, whilst also working on desktop screens. In addition to our amazing Computing Suite, we currently have two class sets of Chromebooks. These can be booked out at any time to further enhance computing sessions, or to be embedded within other areas of the curriculum. The children all have logins to both the desktop computers and Chromebooks, which they are issued with at the beginning of the year with a password. 


On the Chromebooks, we are able to access lots of Google apps and software to enhance the learning opportunities for the children. Google Classroom is a key tool which is used by all classes to create, distribute and feedback on work to all children. It also allows for collaborative work, by enabling children and teachers to all work on a document simultaneously. This is a fantastic tool for sharing links during lessons, as well as home learning. The children’s engagement on Google Classroom is fantastic and allows them to share their ideas with others in the class, too. Please find below two guides to help you navigate your way around Google Classroom. 

Useful links

Please find attached the computing progression map for more information about the curriculum.

Computing Progression Map

Computing Progression Map
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Here are some links we really recommend looking through to help have those important conversations about using technology safely and positively at home:

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