Our results are solid, true and carefully monitored, tracked and reviewed to ensure all children are meeting their potential and find lessons stimulating, challenging and fun.


The children are given formal tests in order to gain a clear benchmark to track progress and attainment but also constantly assessed in class by their teachers. We calculate your child’s reading age (with the exception of year 3 where it is done twice during the year). Spelling, Maths and Reading comprehension are assessed termly; Writing is assessed three times a term. Individual targets are created each term for each pupil. In Year 6 the children take the Key Stage 2 National Tests (SAT’s). Results of all of these are reported to parents at the end of the school year. Support and extension work is given to children where needed. SATS are taken seriously but we believe it is important for children not to get overly stressed. We simply expect every child to do their best.

You might find this presentation a useful guide to assessment.

Our SATS results

The Year 6 take the National Tests and this is commonly used by the government to judge schools. The results are a culmination of hard work by teachers and support staff over all four years here at the school. The attainment results are yet again very high and I would like to congratulate the children and the teachers for all their hard work whilst thanking the parents for their support in ensuring regular attendance, completion of homework and support in all aspects of school life. 

Due to the cancellation of the Year 6 Key stage 2 National Tests 2020 there is no data available for Summer 2020 so please find below our results from Summer 2019.  

 Key stage 2  report:


Percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard at Wallace Fields Junior School

Percentage of pupils achieving Greater depth* at Wallace Fields Junior School

English Reading



English grammar, punctuation and spelling






English writing (teacher assessment)



Science (teacher assessment)



*What is Greater Depth? Greater depth shows a deeper understanding of a concept. Greater depth shows that the child has applied their knowledge and interpreted a mastery level of understanding, which is beyond the expected for their age.

More results

For our DFE School performance tables please click on the link attached.


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