Our results are solid, true and carefully monitored, tracked and reviewed to ensure all children are meeting their potential and find lessons stimulating, challenging and fun.


The children are given formal tests in order to gain a clear benchmark to track progress and attainment but also constantly assessed in class by their teachers. We calculate your child’s reading age (with the exception of year 3 where it is done twice during the year). Spelling, Maths and Reading comprehension are assessed termly; Writing is assessed three times a term. Individual targets are created each term for each pupil. In Year 6 the children take the Key Stage 2 National Tests (SAT’s). Results of all of these are reported to parents at the end of the school year. Support and extension work is given to children where needed. SATS are taken seriously but we believe it is important for children not to get overly stressed. We simply expect every child to do their best.

You might find this presentation a useful guide to assessment.

Our SATS results

Below is a summary showing the school results of those at standard and those at greater depth. The Year 6 have done extremely well considering the impact of the pandemic and the lost learning. They have worked tremendously hard and with a high percentage of special educational needs (25% SEND) we are very proud of their achievement. The year group have achieved results above the national average in all subjects. There were a few children who did not take the test because they were working below the level of the tests. These children are included in the percentages. Well done Year 6 and thanks to all the teaching staff in all year groups for their efforts in securing excellent progress across the four years they were with us – including the online learning.

Year 6 National Test results (SATs) July 2022

Subject At Standard Greater Depth National at Standard

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar


91.2% 56% 72%

English Reading (comprehension)


85.3% 46% 74%



78.1% 40% 71%

Writing (Teacher assessed)


78% 52%



In the Top 500 English State Primary Schools

We are ranked 218 in the top 500 English State Primary Schools and 32nd in Southeast State Primary Schools in The Times school guide.  

218=  461= Wallace Fields Junior School Epsom 110  111 111 332 66

Parent Power 2021 is the 28th edition of The Times schools guide. It identifies the top 600 highest-achieving primary and prep schools in England, ranked by their most recent examination results, with a fully searchable database allows parents to find the top junior schools near where you live. The definitive Parent Power junior school rankings make use of the most recent public examination results. Schools are ranked by a unique Sunday Times formula derived from Standard Assessment Tests (Sats) taken by Year 6 pupils in 2019. For more information click here.

More results

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