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At Wallace Fields Junior School, we value physical education (P.E.) as an important aspect of school life. Our pupils access a range of physical activities and sports, learning key skills and knowledge through two one-hour lessons each week taught by class teachers and designated sports coaches. In addition, pupils have the opportunity to attend extra-curricular clubs which serve to inspire, broaden and further the children’s sporting experience. Throughout these opportunities, Wallace Fields Junior School aims to promote a love for exercise, allow children to recognise the relationship between exercise and mental well-being and embed values of teamwork, fairness, respect and sportsmanship. 
Through engaging P.E. and games lessons, Wallace Fields Junior School serves to provide each child with the opportunity to enjoy physical exercise, no matter what their starting point. Our curriculum aims to ensure pupils become increasingly confident in a range of sports and physical activities. 
Activities in our curriculum include:

  • Netball, football, tag-rugby, hockey, cricket, rounders and tennis - These sports teach children how to develop attacking and defending principles as well as allow them to learn about the requirements of teamwork and tactics in a game. 
  • Gymnastics and Dance - These indoor activities allow children to learn and develop skills including flexibility, coordination, strength, posture, technique, control and balance.
  •  Athletics - Our athletics sessions create the opportunity for children to be inspired in a range of track or field events. Pupils are taught to develop their technique, control and balance through a range of throwing, jumping and running activities.
  • Fitness and Circuit Training - Pupils are taught about the importance of physical exercise to ensure they have the knowledge of the impact of exercise on the body. They develop fundamental movement skills by performing a variation of exercises which involve agility, balance and coordination. 
  • Swimming - In Year 5, pupils are taken to external grounds to attend 8 swimming sessions, learning different swimming techniques and developing their stamina. 
  • Residential Trips - Throughout Years 4, 5 and 6, all pupils are given the opportunity to take part in residential school trips which involve outdoor or adventurous activity. These activities require teamwork, individual resilience and challenges which the children learn to face, overcome and most importantly, enjoy!

For further details on the teaching of P.E. and Games across the school, please view our progression map.

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