Messages to school

For urgent messages, absences, pick up arrangements and general enquiries please email the School Office on or by calling 0208 393 0350.  The School Office is manned from 8.30am until 4.30pm.

If you need to talk to your child’s teacher regarding homework or learning, please contact them through the School Office email  The School Office will forward the email to the child's teacher so please clearly state the child's name and class.

Almost all our correspondence with Parents / Carers is by email. The Weekly Bulletin is emailed out every Friday and is our main way to communicate with parents on all school related matters, PTA updates as well key community news. When information is more urgent or only relevant to a specific year group we send out emails via Scopay. We provide a web based payment centre for trips, visits, parents evening bookings and school meals. Please ensure that we have up to date contact details so the school can contact you in an emergency.

Parents’ Evening

We normally offer termly Parents’ Evenings. Recently we have offered parents the option to book either, in person appointments in the school hall on or video call appointments.  We use a parent/teacher consultation system called SchoolCloud to book and host appointments with teachers. Appointments will last 6 minutes. There will be a set number of meetings in person and via video call, so please book as soon as possible to guarantee your preferred choice.

During the meeting, you will receive information on your child’s progress and their general attitude to their learning.  We will also cover their next steps in reading, writing and maths and any SEND provision arrangements.  Please appreciate that time is limited to 6 minutes and only key information can be given. If you require a further follow up meeting, please arrange this with your child’s class teacher.


Twitter is a great way to share with you images of the exciting and varied activities we get up to at school and on school trips. Please follow us on Any child not permitted to be shown on twitter will be pixilated. The new intake pack includes a form regarding permission for your child’s image to be used on twitter; please inform us if this changes at any time. Please note that staff are often busy running activities and checking safety, so they cannot guarantee that every child will be visible in the pictures every day.

Photograph Permission Slip


We believe that any problems or complaints are best dealt with through discussion between the parties involved. However, should this fail to bring a resolution, there is a set procedure to be followed which can be found on our website. For our complaints policy please go to For issues regarding your child’s learning please contact the class teacher via their email address which is available online at staff page.

Constructive Communication between home and school

Given the current climate, we hope that all parents are starting to see that we are striving even harder to promote positive and constructive communication between home and school – possibly in a way that has never been needed or required before. We therefore, strongly encourage parents to email us directly, if there are any concerns to report. In these times of extreme anxiety, anything posted in social media groups, should be carefully considered and thought about for example in a school-related WhatsApp groups. Please see below our Social Media Expectations and Home School Agreement.  

Following, are the questions we encourage our children to think about before posting anything in a group setting, e.g. in their Google Class streams and we would now ask parents to consider their own usage, also using these questions:- 
1.    Why am I posting this? Does it reflect my personality and values?
2.    Would I say this, like this, in person?
3.    Can this be interpreted differently by the reader/s?
4.    Am I being kind?
5.    Is this really a ‘private’ space to share my worries/ideas or concerns?
6.    Do I have permission to share this information?
7.    Would I like me? (If I were a stranger reading this, what would I think?)

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