Faith and Philosophy at Wallace Fields Junior School

At WFJS, after much consultation and work with the children, it was decided that we would rebrand R.E. We wanted to make the subject more dynamic, more reflective and more about the children in our care each day. Our curriculum is still based on the Surrey Agreed Syllabus, but each lesson is now tailored to start with a personal question to get the children thinking about their own philosophy and values. A religion will then be learned about and the children will reflect on their views about it afterwards and what impact it could have on their philosophy. We do not teach any religion or non-religion as fact, but as ideas to help shape and question children’s own views and morals and to try to answer some of the ‘big’ questions in life. Some of which the children have asked: Who were the very first humans and what did they look like? Who was the first person to speak and how did anyone understand them? What is at the end of the universe, if there is an end? Why do some people not believe in alien species? Who first decided to milk a cow and why? Why do humans wear clothes but animals do not?

So far, this has massively increased the engagement with the subject and encouraged children to see R.E as a reflective tool to help them shape their own views and beliefs and to share and celebrate the ones they already have. Faith and Philosophy also outlines the ideas that those who do not follow a religion, still have morals and codes that they follow and it explores where they come from and why they might exist.

This is all new to September 2020 and we are excited to see how the subject changes and reflects the views of the families within our community.

Below are the concepts explored in each year group but please bear in mind that this is just the learning, not the reflections and values explored through each lesson.

Faith and Philosophy progression map


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