Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


The class teachers are:-

Mr T Hurd

Yr 6 Teacher, Science Leader

Mrs J Clayton

Yr 6 Teacher, English Leader

Miss G Smith

6C Class Teacher

The teaching assistants are as follows:-

Mrs A Michael

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Lyon

Teaching Assistant

Welcome meeting handouts

Year 6 Welcome meeting

Topics and Curriculum

You will find the weekly timetable in your child’s diary.   Year 6 covers some exciting topics such as:-

  • History topics: Ancient Greece, Britain since the 1930s
  • Geography topics: Rainforests & Mountains
  • Science topics: Forces, evolution and inheritance, electricity, revision: light and sound, plants, human body, space.
  • Art Topics: Fabric badges, people in action, still life, Clarice Cliff
  • Design & Technology Topics & Projects: slippers, hot cross buns, fairground rides.
  • PSHE topics covered include (key areas only): moving schools, prejudice, rights and responsibilities, changes. 
  • SRE (Sex & Relationships education): changes and relationships
  • Faith & Philosophy: topics: Hinduism, Buddhism, Who is God?
  • Computing includes: (key areas only): Internet safety, Powerpoint, spreadsheets and general use to support curriculum activities. 
  • PE & Games includes: Dance, fitness training, jumping, netball, football, tag rugby, hockey, tennis, rounders, cricket and athletics.

For more specific information on what the Year 6 pupils will be studying this term see the curriculum maps below.

Year 6 Curriculum maps

If you wish to find out more about the National Curriculum then you can click here.


Children will normally receive four pieces of homework per week and should spend 45 minutes on each piece.

  • English homework will be given on Tuesday for return on Wednesday which includes a Spelling Shed task.
  • Maths homework will be given on Wednesday for return on Thursday
  • Topic homework will be set six times per term.

Homework needs to be recorded by the child in their homework diaries and signed by a parent or carer and handed in on Monday morning. If homework is not completed on time children will go to the catch up zone until work is handed in but will be asked to do the homework at home.


We ask children to read at least three times per week. Please discuss the children’s books with them - characters, plot, predictions, and motivations of characters. There are no reading records in Year 6, children should record their reading in their homework diary in preparation for Secondary school and must be handed in every Monday morning.  They will be asked to go to the catch up zone if this is not handed in our completed.  

Children will be set a Book Bingo challenge to encourage them to read different genres and types of books. Please support them by notifying the teacher in the Homework diary, when a book has been fully read.  They will receive a certificate for completion of a line in assembly time.

We ask you to avoid reading at home the books we study in class which are:-

  • “Goodnight Mr. Tom” by Michelle Magorian
  • “Kensuke’s Kingdom” by Michael Morpurgo
  • "The Unforgotten Coat" by Frank Cottrell-Boyce
  • “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare


It would help at home if your child regularly does Mathletics.  For more information about how we teach maths go to the Maths link.

Visits and trips

To help broaden the children’s learning, enjoyment and understanding of their topics, we offer a range of visits and trips. In Year 6 we have the following exciting visits and trips planned and hopefully will not be effected by Covid-19 restrictions:

  • For a week during the Autumn, most children take part in National Standard Level 2 Cycling Course. Surrey County Council Bikeability instructors help groups of eight to ten pupils develop road cycling and safety skills through explanation, demonstration and practical exercises on local roads avoiding main roads.
  • The children will attend a workshop which will bring to life the text of Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. 
  • Then this Summer Year 6 will get stuck into a week of outdoor adventure at Little Canada on the Isle of Wight which is a great team building residential trip. 

More information about all these trips and visits and any costs will be sent out nearer the time.

Personal growth

Your child is now top of the Upper school and children are encouraged to organise themselves, increasingly do independent research and take on extra responsibilities in preparation for Secondary School. For more information on the prefects and other responsibilities see the section in "Our School".

School Production

During Year 6 the children also get involved in a School Production which is a great way to build their self-confidence and bond as a team; where everyone even has a role whether on stage, singing, dancing or back stage.

Any questions or concerns

 Your class teacher should be your first point of contact and can be contacted with their professional email Miss Smith and Mr Hurd at If it is an urgent matter, please speak to someone in the office and they will be able to help you.