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Art during lock down

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Art at Wallace Fields Junior School

Art is a much loved subject. At WFJS we give all children the opportunity to explore their ideas by experimenting, inventing and creating their own varied works of art using a range of resources. They will learn how to draw, paint, sculpt, and print, experimenting with a range of different materials and techniques to develop their skill set.

An important aspect of the art curriculum at WFJS is learning about how art has shaped our history and how it reflects it. As part of the curriculum each year group studies particular artists, looking at their techniques, famous creations and the culture and story of that particular artist or art form.

Artists covered:

  • Year 3- Georgia O’Keeffe and Bridget Riley
  • Year 4- Frida Kahlo and Claude Monet
  • Year 5- Vincent Van Gogh
  • Year 6- Christa Rijnezeld and Clarice Cliff

Art Exhibitions and Celebrations

  • WFJS has organised and participated in the annual Epsom and Ewell Art Festival. This wonderful exhibition is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the artistic talents of the children across Epsom And Ewell area. Children that show a particular passion or flair for art, have their work framed and hung at Bourne hall over the course of the 2 week exhibition. The exhibition is open to the public and is celebrated throughout the school. All of the framed art work can now been seen on the walls around our school.
  • All the children are given the opportunity to enter into Chris Grayling’s Christmas card competition. Their efforts are celebrated throughout the school and if they win, they will have their card design printed.
  • We are in full support of the annual MGS04 Epsom and Ewell Art Festival. This is an annual event, where WFJS attend with keen artists to participate in the exciting and varied activities. It is held annually in the Ebbisham centre, Epsom.
  • As a school, we create many collaborative pieces of art. This involves every child from the school creating a piece of art that can be displayed. Sometimes as a whole school display or as a permanent part of the school environment.

Linking Art across the Curriculum

At WFJS art is embedded across the curriculum. Often, it is carefully tied in with the current learning topics that the children are focusing on. Art is regularly linked to other subjects across the curriculum and is used to not only develop the children’s skills as artists, but to deepen their understanding of a given subject’s focus.

Progression in Art

The skills and knowledge that children will develop throughout each art topic are mapped across each year group and throughout the school to ensure progression. The emphasis on knowledge ensures that children understand the context of the artwork, as well as the artists that they are learning about and being inspired by.

For further details on the teaching of Art across the school, please view our progression map.

Art progression map

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