Dear Parents/Carers, 

Why do we need a new library? 

Our School Development Plan outlines our drive to ensure that reading for enjoyment is maximised. We have va-va voomed our book corners to make them more appealing and now turn our attention to the library, which is over 10 years old and is getting tired, needs a new face lift and some seating areas for us to fall dreamily into our books. 

What new ideas do we have?

We want to make this accessible for all- more audio books, more books from different countries- to increase our books from different cultures that are now represented across the school. We want to broaden our range of books for older children with lower reading ages, so that they are fun and stimulating.

So how can you help?

Click the link below to see what our Year 6 boys have to tell you about our current library and our dreams. The boys made the video on their own, in their own time, to help the school.

What will it look like?

We’ve used different design teams to help. Some of the design ideas are below and these are great for ideas initially. We want more seating, more audio areas and more aethetically pleasing, brighter environment. The more shelving, seating and exciting the design- the more expensive. On average the library design are around £15-£18,000. The school has some money to put towards the redesign but needs your help for the more exciting elements. Plus, we need new lighting and carpets.

Please help us to make our space special for all our children. Can you spread the word about our crowdfunding page? Share the link? Or even donate yourself? 

Send to a friend/ company?

There are special honorary rewards for those than can give a little more. These include £20, £100 and even £1000!

We can’t wait to develop this space and want it completed by the end of THIS AUTUMN TERM. With your help - we can!
Watch out for PTA events this term to help raise further funds. Fireworks night is just one coming up on Sunday 14th November and we will be holding year group afternoon teas in October and November.

Many thanks,

Mrs Day, Deputy Headteacher