In the event of PHE ordering the closure of the school due to a number of positive cases, the school has a Remote Learning Provision. This approach is also applicable if your child is off from school due to testing positive and yet they are not feeling sick and can work on tasks unhindered (asymptomatic). This is an organised switch to the remote learning resources developed and planned here at school. This resource is detailed in the document “Covid-19 Contingency Plan and Remote Education Provision” click here . It is in line with the DfE expectation for minimum hours of intervention per day and tasks for children unable to attend school for either of these reasons. Details will be sent out via Parentmail, our website and Twitter in the event of a school closure. Special needs provision will be maintained with staff, TAs and SNAs contacting those families where children have an EHCP or specific learning needs. The documents on the web page below details the school’s approach to ensure the best possible teaching and learning remotely. If your child tests positive please do not send them into school but follow the guidance on the school and government websites. Please inform the school as we have a responsibility to report significant numbers to PHE. Thank you to all parents for being vigilant and encouraging good hygiene and Covid safe practices – we have had no reported cases so far and hope that it continues to be so.