We have monitored the week and discussed all possible options to improve access and egress from school in the light of Covid and to facilitate quick and safe procedures. The newer systems have worked well and although some solutions may seem obvious, we always consider the safety of the children first, other safeguarding issues next and then the convenience to parents and carers. This is how the start and end of day will be from 13th September 2021. Changes in bold.


Year Groups

Start Time

Finish Time


Year 3




8.40am – 8.50am





Year 4



8.40am – 8.50am




Year 5 & 6



8.40am – 8.50am





•    Coming to School: The gates open for all pupils at 8.40am until 8.50am. 
•    Year 3 and 4 will enter school through the left hand gate. 
•    Year 5 and 6 will enter through the right hand gate. 

Children will be go to their classes where they put their bags outside their classroom and then go onto the playground. We would suggest that if children walk themselves to/from school alone that you remind them to cross roads carefully and stay on the path at all times.

Please leave the area as soon as your child has entered school as this will help the flow of children and parents. The gates are closed at 8.50am and all children arriving late must go to the main office and sign in, giving a reason for their lateness. Regular lateness will be investigated as it effects curriculum time and learning.

•    Side Gate: We have a side gate that will be open 8.40 a.m. - 8.50 a.m. only for families that live in;

The Green    Ewell Downs Road
Reigate Road    St James Ave
Augustus Drive (and all linked roads)    Beech Walk
Longdown Lane North    Priest Hill Close

We have had in the past significant crowding, accidents and problems opening the side gate and this is not only dangerous but creates a Covid risk too. Therefore, if problems arise such as overcrowding, obstruction or this access is abused (such as being used by those that do not live in the above roads) then we will revoke this provision. In addition, we cannot staff the gate fully regarding safeguarding etc. and so it will not be used for exit for the time being. However, this is under review and as restrictions ease we will consider new options including extending its use. We suggest you line up along the fence on the main school side of the alley and back into The Green to prevent obstruction. Be aware that children who miss their time due to lateness must walk round to the main office and sign in late. It is important to note that children do not enter the school’s duty of care until they are on school grounds. 

•    End of Day: The majority of the Year 5 and 6 walk to and from school alone. To prevent being impeded by the lower school  Year 5 & 6 finish at 3.20pm and this has worked well. For safeguarding reasons in lower school, the teachers ensure safe handover of children to parents at the gate. This later time also allows more time for collection of siblings from the infants. Please do not wait around outside school but leave promptly to clear the front of the school and allow the next group of children to leave swiftly and safely.

•    Parents with children in more than one class should wait on the turning circle with the siblings until all children are collected. Do not stand in the road between the circle and the caretaker’s bungalow as staff and visitors still need a route out from school.

•    Waiting: To ensure parents are safe, a safe zone has been created in front of the school for you. Please do not stand in the road beyond the temporary barriers as this puts you at risk from vehicles.  We recommend walking to school whenever possible as the key goal is to keep everyone safe.

•    Closure of Gates: The children will be sent to the main office ten minutes after their pick up time if not collected. The gates will be shut and locked at 3.45pm at the latest. 

•    School Events and Meetings: If there is an event on in school such as a meeting or workshops, the gates may remain open to reach the main hall or you can enter the school by the main office. Masks must be worn by parents and carers at all times for the duration of meetings and workshops.

•    Clubs: Those going to a club are usually collected at the main gate at 4.30pm. Please check the club leader’s instructions for details on pick up times, as some vary slightly. We do not staff the delivery of children to their after school provision, as this is the responsibility of your childcare provider. Please contact your childcare provider directly .

Thank you for your adaptability, cooperation and understanding. If these new revisions cause any significant problems please let us know the issue and we will work together to find a possible solutions. The key point is that it needs to work for the majority of our families. Thanks also go to the children for coping with these changes, they are enjoying the additional playtime. These systems will be reviewed and monitored regularly. 

Have a good weekend.

Kind regards,
Mr. S. Lee
Head Teacher 
Wallace Fields Junior School