To deepen their appreciation of the spectacular beauty of the city of Shanghai, the children delved into poetry, which is something they have all become quite good at, creating magnificent poems in various forms: diamante, acrostic and free verse. Their poems showcase the use of brilliant and precise vocabulary and exceptional use of figurative devices such as similes, metaphors and personification. We are proud of their fabulous play with words! 
The children travelled back in time to learn the creation of major landmarks and heritage sites like the Forbidden city, Great wall of China and Terracotta Army. The posters created, showcase their talent not only in research and planning but also in superb computing skills. 
Beating the heat with the creation of a lovely hand drum, the children relaxed as they dabbled in some mindful craft, making these acoustic drums! They made quite a melodious beat despite being a bit fragile.
Painting with masterstrokes, the children experimented with writing ancient style with a paint brush. They wrote Chinese numbers on A3 sheets in bright red, which is a symbol of good fortune and joy in Chinese legend. Hoping and wishing you all a joyous weekend! 

Year 5 took part in an exciting 'Mission Possible' challenge, which involved multiple team building tasks to find out who destroyed Loretta's perfect pie! We all completed various tasks to win clues to be a little closer to finding the culprit. We can confirm the children were...SUCCESSFUL! They were amazing and a real asset to the school in their fantastic approach to all the tasks. We were all really impressed and it was a lovely day for everyone in Year 5! Please see some pictures on twitter of the day.