Thank you for all the incredible colourful donations on the Christmas Hamper Mufti Day. From the Hampers Mufti the PTA have managed to create a large number of hampers - the most being Year 3 and their red hamper collection. You have to have entered the raffle to win one of these beautiful hampers. The hampers will each be numbered and then the tickets will be drawn at the end of the school day on Monday. There is a very small window of opportunity to buy tickets and if you still have tickets unsold at home this weekend then remember to get the money in with the fully named ticket if you want to be in with a chance of  winning one of these brilliant hampers. The winners will be announced at the Christmas Carol Concert on Monday Evening along with the number of the hamper each winning ticket has won. Good luck. The winners can collect their hamper during the day over the remainder of the week - just call in at the office.