Incredible to see such huge smiles on the faces of the children as the coach pulled away on Monday and we waved them goodbye. I think I saw some even bigger parent smiles too!

They have had an incredible few days and the reports from the staff were of exceptional behaviour and full engagement in all the tasks and activities. The key benefit here is development of independence - to learn to seek out new challenges, organise yourself and work as a team to achieve goals. Outdoor learning is a massive part of our curriculum and essential social skills and symbiotic interdependency is learned in every minute of these residential trips. In an era of increasing anxiety a residential trip is equipping the children with personal attributes that will serve them well in future life. Well done to Year 4!

If you follow the school on Twitter you will have seen some pictures of the fun going on though do remember that the staff are busy monitoring and supporting activities and do not have much time to tweet the fun and games.

My thanks to all staff who made the trip possible and those that supported the learning for those who remained in school who also had a great week.