As a school we have discussed this in detail and advice and support has been sent out to all staff in order to help the discussion about the conflict in the Ukraine. In the words of the Children’s Commissioner Rachel de Souza “We should not hide what is happening, but support children in understanding it. We must remember that children can find solace in being part of a wider community that is comprehending and responding to these events.” 

This is the way we have talked through the situation with the children when they have asked questions or watched Newsround in their class assembly time. We have reassured the children that it is fine to be sad or worried about events and people across the world, with the message that the news will change and that there are lots people doing many things to help those in trouble. Thank you to all those who donated online or donated in person at the gates this morning – everyone was very generous and that money will be going direct to Children in Need to help those caught up in the fighting and attacks in the Ukraine. Please see the links below designed to help parents engage on this topic with your children. 

  • Child friendly advice from Childline here by click here
  • Advice if you are upset by the news from Newsround might be very useful - click here 
  • Information from the British Physciological Society has some good information - click here 
  • Advice from Save the Children on how to talk to children about war - click here