Dear Parents/Carers

It is with deep regret that we announce the Christmas Carol Service and performance of Babushka at the Epsom Chapel has been cancelled. With the increased restrictions, including very reduced numbers, no audience participation or singing, protecting the best interests of families and other factors we have had to make this decision. We are still rehearsing and so much work has gone into the rehearsals and the singing that we are planning to film as much as possible and make it available to parents – we will send details on this once sorted. Thanks to Mrs Burke and all the helpers for the huge effort that has gone into this year’s Christmas celebration.

We are working hard to move the Christmas Fair into outside areas and where indoors, well ventilated areas with restrictions on the number of people, insisting on mask wearing and social distancing. The details of these arrangements will be sent out soon.

My thanks to the new Chair of Governors Mr Chay Champness – we are very happy to have him join our team of governors and as he has stated in his update we are facing the possibility of Ofsted due to the removal of exemption of outstanding schools. The expectations for outstanding have changed and the recognition of the impact of Covid does not seem to feature highly in their reports though we are keen to show them how we all we serve the needs of the children and how well the children, teachers, staff and parents did in the remote learning times. The behaviour in school remains outstanding and the learning and progress is picking up at a pace as the children have settled into school routines fully now. We have had very few Covid infections this term and only five staff isolating (sore throats and colds have been more of a problem).

Before we get the call for an inspection I would like to reiterate my thanks to the many parents who support the school, who send positive feedback and send their appreciation of the hard work the teachers and staff all do. If you or your child are not happy in school we have a raft of systems in place to ensure the children get support and guidance and teachers will respond to emails regarding important concerns from parents. Encourage your child to use the mood box if they feel sad or to approach an adult if they have an issue in school. If you have a complaint then please let us know and please do not save it up to complain to Ofsted as this will not get your problem solved. We work in harmony with you and – after getting through the lockdown together, I hope we can get through Christmas and Ofsted together too.

I am on the gate every morning and every day after school so please feel free to come and chat or ask questions you might have. If it’s child specific please approach the class teacher and if you can help the school in any way such as supporting the PTA, coming into school to volunteer (subject to Covid restrictions etc.) then please let us know. You are always welcome and parents helping do something for the school is always greatly appreciated. Stay safe and have a good weekend.

Kindest regards,

Steve Lee,
Head Teacher