Dear Parents and Carers,

I have been coming into school for the past fortnight on my gradual return to work and I am thrilled to be back in school – it is wonderful seeing the children and staff again and all the classes gave me such a warm and emotional welcome. I am looking forward to the future with new positivity and an inexhaustible amount of appreciation for life thanks to the expertise of the neurosurgery team at St. George’s hospital.

Whilst I was unwell, I was encouraged by messages and best wishes from children, staff, governors and parents. The atmosphere in school is, as ever, enthusiastic and upbeat and the children are so pleased to see me – lovely to see them again and catch up with how they have been getting on. 
I would like to thank the Chair of Governors, Mr Anthony Mollet, for his support, communication and liaison between school and myself. I know that in order to facilitate my recovery school matters were not discussed but I was reassured that all was going well. I am back now and catching up with the news and latest developments.

With the national vaccination programme proving highly effective and the lockdown easing according to the government road map, we are looking to a brighter and much more ‘normal’ future beyond the realms of Covid restrictions. We have a full programme of wellbeing activities and support in place with the children back in class now, and school is the best place for them. 

Thank you again for all your support and messages of good will – they made a huge difference and really helped my recovery. I am back on the gate as much as possible so I hope to see you there and it is wonderful to be back at school. Have a lovely weekend and take care.

Mr Steve Lee,
Head Teacher