Well Being week was a wonderful start to the year with a whole host of fun well being activities which the children loved.  It started the year with a wonderful community spirit and created such a lovely buzz around the school!

The activities included:

  • Learning to relax with yoga whilst listening to Harry Potter
  • Used super teamwork and creativity to build fabulous structures
  • Encouraging reading for pleasure and our well-being with a visit to the library
  • Building zen gardens to encourage mindfulness
  • Philosophical debates
  • Running the wellbeing mile
  • Random acts of kindness boxes
  • Chalk colouring and writing down all the things that make him happy
  • Circle time discussions on gender and wellbeing
  • Laughter assembly,
  • Wellbeing week embraced jigsaws.

Here is what some children Year 5 have to said about their week:

“Wellbeing Week was fun and there were lots of different lessons and teachers.  All of them were fun but I had one particular favourite and it was Miss Day in Year 4 which was the Banksy art.  I like this one because we got to draw on the school walls with chalk.  My second favourite was reading with Mrs Crabb.  This is because I love to read.” Regan

 “Wellbeing week was so much fun! There were loads of different lessons in all of the classes at WFJNS with all of the teachers.  With Mrs Crabb, we did reading and went into the library to pick a book that we wouldn’t usually read.  With Miss Day we did Banksy art and drew with chalk on the walls around the school field about what makes us happy in school. Lots of people drew having lunch, and playing with friends in the playground.  Those were my two favourite activities that we did.”Daisy

"I enjoyed the laughter assembly because it made you laugh without telling a joke. I have learnt from this activity that laughter helps your wellbeing. The kind of activities you do in the assembly are based on your day at school. I loved it!" Eva