The National Tests (SATS) will start next Monday 13th May. The children are well prepared and have been working hard this term to get themselves ready for the tests. We are very proud of the children and their efforts in the recent weeks. It is important that the children come prepared on Monday 13th May, with a fully equipped pencil case. This should include 2 x pencils, 2 x pens, pencil sharpener, ruler and a rubber. This will save time and help prevent any worries, by ensuring they have everything they need.

During the day, the children will have lots of support, readers will be made available (where permitted) and we can answer any questions they may have in our revision sessions beforehand. After break, we will also be providing biscuits and juice.

Please ensure your children have lots of sleep and general rest and that they do not work too hard or ‘cram’ revision in. If they have forgotten anything or lack confidence in an area they can use look at BBC Bitesize, which has some useful videos and tips.


Please make sure your child arrives on time on Monday. If you have a problem, or your child is unwell, please call the office after 8.40am. Do not email that your child is unwell. SATS are a Government requirement and all children are expected to take the tests. In exceptional cases, some children have taken the test for that day and returned home, if they still feel unwell. A normal low level of anxiety is common. 


The Year 6 have been fabulous this week and coped with even more staff illness. Just to clarify we do not use supply teachers as they do not know the children, they do not know the school processes, rules or marking approach, they do not follow up work, it lacks consistency and it is very expensive for the poor quality of teaching supply teachers tend to provide. From experience it just does not work. I much prefer to cover absence internally with staff the children know, trust and are comfortable with and there is much better continuity in support and learning. This week they have had the pleasure of the Mrs Day (Deputy Head) , Mrs Elliot (the SENCo) and Mrs White (HLTA) teaching them and working with them along with all the usual additional adults (Mrs Wong and Mrs Garsden). With test week next week we always ask the children to do their best and to get plenty of rest and not to cram or over-revise, they just need to do their best. There is so much more learning and great activities to do after the test week, so we like to keep the pressure off them to ensure they are comfortable and happy for the week. The tests are not the be all and end all of Year 6 as there is so much more to be doing and enjoying. My thanks to Year 6 for their resilience and understanding during this time of staff illness. They have had a good week and next week will be over before they even realise it. Mr Lee