What Are We Raising Funds For?

We are holding a series of fundraising events across the year as a school, separate to the PTA events, in order to purely focus on the all-weather pitch! The all-weather pitch will enable children to play outside at playtime and lunchtimes whatever the weather.  Our aim is to fund fun fitness for all and inspire children to race for a healthy heart, healthy brain and healthy body.

The first events are two kids v adults football fundraisers after school until approximately 4.30pm:
• Upper School (Year 5 &6) matches on Thursday 9th November
• Lower School (Year 3 &4) matches on Thursday 16th November

Players have already signed up and teams arranged – see overleaf for further information for players.  But all parents, carers and children are welcome to come and cheer their friends along. Please see overleaf for more information on Year 5 & 6 children pick up.

How Do you Donate?

We have set up a Crowdfunder page which has just gone live.


and we are hoping to meet our target within 8 weeks. From last year’s fundraising we are already over 50% of the way there and have almost £17,000 in funds raised already.

We would be grateful if players could donate before the match (suggested donation £8 adults and £5 children). 

Please can spectators also donate buy putting cash in the donation buckets at the matches or using the QR code which will be printed on collection buckets.  

There are special rewards for those that can donate £50 and £100 and even more, so please if you have any pennies to spare, we would be most grateful!

Players for Football Fundraisers

If you have signed up with your child, please send your child into school with their football kit or sports clothes, shin pads (these are now compulsory) and a water bottle in a bag. Children can wear football boots but with no metal studs. If they do not have them, trainers are acceptable. The children will be given time in school to change before matches. We recommend also ensuring your child has a coat so they can keep warm whilst waiting for their match to start. 

Adults, please come to school for 3:10/ 3:15 wearing suitable clothing and shin pads (if you have them). We will hold a briefing in the hall at 3:15 to explain teams and pitches before heading to the field at 3:25 for matches at 3:30. 
We aim for the event to be finished by 4:30. 

Year 5/6 Walk Home Alone

  • All Year 5 and 6 pupils, who have permission to walk home alone, are welcome to watch until 4.15pm (when it gets dark). Please ensure you have agreed with your child in advance their plans as after school they are parent’s responsibility.
  • Any Year 5 & 6 pupil, with no permission and not playing, must be collected as normal and if you wish you can stay with a parent /carer and watch the match.  
  • Year 5 and 6 players can leave with their playing adult.