This week, our Reading Buddies had the joy of visiting the Year 2 children and listening to them reading - here are some of the things that they said about their visit:

"I enjoyed reading with the lovely polite Year 2s as they asked me about their pronunciation and had lots of questions for me. I am glad that I was able to help and improve their knowledge of words. I also enjoyed how each of them had a different taste in genre and that some of them chose chapter books and some of them chose short stories. I would definitely recommend reading with varying age groups, not just your own, as it is a great experience for both of you." Amelia Yr5 Reading Buddy

"I liked reading with the Kingfisher and Owl classes because I was able to help build on their confidence and they were lovely and polite children. They read fluently and easily and listened well when I read to them. They were also able to answer questions about the stories very easily and could predict what would happen in the book I would definitely want to read with them again as it was a great experience and I really enjoyed it." Jessica Year 5 Reading Buddy

"I liked reading with the whole of Year 2 because they were polite, friendly and willing to read. We asked them reading comprehension questions to test their knowledge and check they had been paying attention to the story. Overall, their reading was excellent and I really enjoyed listening to them. I would definitely go to read with them again." Daniel Year 5 Reading Buddy

We went up to the Infants to read to the younger kids, which was a really lovely experience. I love it because we get to listen to kids younger than us which is really good for their confidence with reading. I feel very happy that at Wallace Fields Junior School we get the opportunity to read to others and that I love my school job because it's helping people that might need help with their reading which I’ve loved doing, and which I will do. I also like it because it will inspire children to read more and soon, maybe in the future they might be reading ambassadors too. By Liyana

Experience reading with the year 2’s (Infant school)

At first I was nervous. I’ve only been there once. It was quite nerve-racking. When the other reading buddies and I reached there, I knew that the staff were really kind and the children were unexpectedly good at reading!  I was surprised by the end . It was an amazing experience. My buddies were really clever and… It was so amazing to have an experience which I never had before. The kids, staff, and reading. It was incredible! By Shriya

Reading With The Year Twos! 

Reading with the year twos was so calm as it was so nice to listen to little voices.  They all chose different books and sat down nicely next to me telling me what their names were and if they had any siblings in our school of WFJS (Wallace Fields Junior School). I asked them if the book they were reading was fiction or nonfiction and if they had read any books that were similar or by the same author. 

We started reading with some kids from a class in Year Two and I chose a book to read for my first Year Two which was a funny book.The Year Two liked the book and read a lot of it quickly. I then asked what the story was about and who were the main characters.

The kids switched over and I had a different kid from the same class.
The kid got a book by himself and came to sit next to me. He read slowly so I could understand what he said. I helped him by telling him what words meant and how to pronounce some words. 

I then switched with the other Year Two class and had 3 other readers who sat next to me. They all read nice and slowly so I knew what they said. I asked lots of questions about the story. 
By Elliot

Reading with the Year 2 children – by Sofia Year 6
It was really nice listening to the year 2 children, they were outstanding and very good readers – especially when pronouncing words and doing spelling breaks. They really took consideration about when to pause for example at full stops. I really enjoyed explaining what the blurb was and how to look for clues on the front cover – how to ‘judge the book’ from the front cover. They really were engaged with the books and I asked them lots of questions regarding their books and they gave very detailed answers. They used emphasis in words and speech and one girl was reading with different voices for each character, which was really and I hope to go back again to listen to more readers!

Kevin X - Year 6
I really liked helping people read and seeing how they are doing in their reading at school. The books they were reading were really interesting and they were really good with their confidence and pronunciation with some of the harder vocabulary. The genre of books that they chose from were really interesting and I enjoyed asking them why they chose them.

Masa F Year 6 reading buddy
It’s nice seeing them learning and reading because if they say something wrong or pronounce a word incorrectly, I can help them – so later when they come across the word again later, they know how to say the words I have helped them with. It’s just quite nice listening to people read – I think they quite like and I like listening to them. I asked them lots of questions about the books and they were usually able to answer them all. It would be very nice to go back and read with them again.