With school returning on Monday 8th March, this may cause a range of emotions for everyone. Many of us will be feeling positive but it may also stir up some feelings of anxiety.If your child is feeling anxious, they may display some of the following physical and emotional symptoms: 

  • headaches and stomach aches or just feeling unwell 
  • dizziness, faintness, palpitations, breathlessness & sweating 
  • not sleeping 
  • not eating properly 
  • being clingy, feeling panicky, or tearful
  • seeming to be worried or anxious and needing lots of reassurance 
  • feeling down 
  • having difficulty concentrating 
  • wanting things to be perfect and getting frustrated if they’re not 
  • lashing out at others 
  • hyper-alertness and difficulty keeping still 

To find top tips to support anxious feelings and a variety of techniques to help them through an anxious time go to our Wellbeing page on our website.