Summer Message

24 July 2019

It has been another amazingly busy year full of trips, visits, theme weeks, curriculum projects, fairs, discos and shows. It’s impossible to list all the things that are typical in our school year, but it has been a superb year, culminating again in huge sporting and academic successes. An excellent level of attainment again in the National Tests and a Year 6 who are fully secondary ready and we will sorely miss. The huge amount of the success in learning, development and pastoral accomplishments at our school, are due to the huge effort of all staff combined with the unceasing, and very gratefully received support, from you the parents and carers. We have worked together at a great level to ensure the children have had a safe, happy, stimulating and positive learning experience. I hope you all have a calm and restful holiday, enjoy the sunshine and I look forward to seeing you in the new academic year, 8.50am on Thursday 5th September 2019.


Kind regards


Mr. Steve Lee

Head Teacher

Wallace Fields Junior School