Snow forecast

29 January 2019

It is snowing tonight so I thought that it would be useful to remind you of what to do if it is snowing.  The photo above is a dusting of snow from 2016.  

It is our intention that the school will be open on all normal school days even when some poor road conditions exist. However, in the event of a heavy snowfall, we cannot guarantee that staff will be able to attend school and a decision to close or restrict opening may have to be made. If the school is closed, a member of staff (where possible) will be available at school to ensure that messages and communication are maintained for the first two hours of closure (8:30 – 10:30). Thereafter, the school will be empty. Should it not be possible for a member of staff to be in school we will ensure that the office email address is checked and responses sent where possible: If there is an enforced school closure, we cannot look after children. However, those already delivered to school prior to a decision being made, will be looked after, until they can be collected.

Decision If the weather conditions are severe enough to force closure, or restrict opening, this decision will be communicated by the following means: 

  • School website – on home page 
  • Parent mail
  • Twitter 
  • Local radio where possible – radio Jackie 107.8

The decision to close the school will be taken by the head and premises manager and will be taken by 7:05 at the latest.

For our full policy see the Snow Plan on the policies page on our website.