Remote learning during the COVID-19 response

Where a pupil is unable to attend school due to Covid-19, though well enough to work (asymptomatic), teachers will teach and set work for the pupils, streaming via their Google classroom,including tasks to complete at home in line with current lessons taught in school.

We will ensure that any work set remotely, reflects our broad and ambitious curriculum at Wallace Fields Juniors. There will be a range of online and offline resources, considering the needs of SEND and vulnerable families who may find this difficult to access; reasonable adjustments and arrangements will be made. The wellbeing of our pupils will be our highest priority where the school site remains open and face - to - face teaching continues for all other children. During instances of full school closure or year group ‘bubbles’ self-isolating, all pupils will be taught a timetable of ‘live’ lessons remotely and set videos (looms) via Google Classroom, along with self-led tasks, pre-recorded material, online resources and assignments.

Following the first day of remote education, your child be taught the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate. The learning will continue in line with the curriculum sequence and expectations in the same way that it would within the classroom. Children’s knowledge and skills are built up incrementally so that they can then complete set tasks and assignments via Google Classroom. This is the case for most subjects in all classes.

The children will join the class assembly and register at 9am and then be involved online for the maths and English lessons in the morning. When the afternoon lessons are teacher led and in the classroom,the lessons will be streamed live and children will follow online. We will make some adaptations in some subjects. For example, in those subjects with practical elements such as music, science, design and technology or PE and games, we have adapted the curriculum to include more research-based tasks when it is not possible for pupils to engage directly, as they are not in the classroom.

The school has invested in an online bank of reading books that fit in with our reader scheme; this will allow children to be able to access a wide range of texts at home and complete reading expectations. The class reader is read every day for 12–15 minutes at the end of the day and this will be streamed live. With the child taking similar breaks to the usual day children will complete a minimum of 4 hours a day of school tasks and activities.

For more information about our remote learning offer, see the document below:

Remote learning Offer document

For the latest on the Covid procedures and remote learning policy at Wallace Fields Junior School and links to Government guidelines go to

How to access remote learning

To help you access all relevant online platforms for remote learning we have created some simple video guides on how to do it. 




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