Year 5 & 6 Choir members parents/carers have been contacted regarding the annual Epsom and Ewell Schools Music Festival which takes place at the Playhouse every year. As more schools have been invited this year, the size of the choir we are able to bring has been reduced to just 14 children.  So we are planning to divide the choir into two groups one performing on Tuesday 26th March (5-7pm) and one on Wednesday 27th March (5-7pm). 

The Playhouse Festival organiser has come back to say that we can bring a few extra singers each night so all the Year 5 & 6 choir who would like to attend will be able to so.

We have distributed to the parents/carers of choir members (by email) the list of the two groups, one Tuesday 26th March and another Wednesday 27th March, matched as best as possible with the choices you sent in on the Google forms.

The choir will attend the rehearsal day as a whole. The only downside of having two groups is that due to time limitations they will not get to practise separately on stage (unless like last year rehearsals finish early and we can sneak on stage again!). I will ensure we rehearse at school in the smaller groups so they will be familiar with it.

Tickets for the event will go on sale on Friday 16th February (during half term) from the Epsom Playhouse website.

Tickets have often sold out, so I would recommend booking tickets as soon as possible. For the evening performance, the children will be expected to wear smart school winter uniform and if the girls could wear grey tights again that would be much appreciated as they all looked so wonderfully coordinated last year. I will send out a further email regarding the rehearsal day arrangements in the next few weeks.

Many thanks for your support. Mrs Jo Johnstone. Music Lead.