Reading and Writing

English at Wallace Fields Junior School

Our main focus for English this year is:

  • To improve knowledge and use of a wider range of high-quality vocabulary in writing
  • To promote love of reading quality texts

In order to achieve this the school will be:

  • Introducing children to new vocabulary through word activities and reading good quality texts. Each child has their own WORD COLLECTOR book to record any words they find.
  • Teachers will be taking children into our well stocked library regularly to help them to choose good books. Library is also open on a Thursday lunchtime.
  • Teachers will also be recommending books in class and allowing children to share book experiences with each other.
  • An author visit arranged for February, celebration of World Book Day and of course our Book Fair in the Spring Term.
  • Children will be rewarded with a Book Bingo certificate for reading different genres.

How can parents help?

  • Encourage children to try new books by different authors.  Click here to for recommendations for each year groups and also great ideas for books linked to topics we cover in each year group.
  • Share books together
  • Listen and discuss your child’s current book and also read to them
  • Make sure your child has a book in school everyday
  • Record when your child has finished a book in their homework diary or reading record so that they can achieve a ‘Book Bingo’ certificate
  • Download the APP - The Reading realm which encourages thinking and talk about good books
  • Share new words found in books, notices, adverts etc and help to explain what they mean.
  • Find synonyms for a new word and practise putting the word in a sentence.

Reading at home

Reading at home handout
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Book Week 2018

Here are some of our exciting events that happened during Book Week 2018 in mid March 2018:

  • Monday: year groups read to each other and Year 6 visited Wallace Fields Infant School. See photo above.
  • Tuesday: The popular authors and illustrators Knife and Packer visited and provided workshops. 
  • Wednesday; Author Billy Bob Buttons spoke to the children about his books and his experience as an author.
  • Thursday: The Lady Mayoress spoke to Year 3 & 4 in assembly and read to each class
  • Thursday: The children's authors, Mandy Archer and Steph Clarkson spoke each Year 3 and 4 class about their new books and how they are made. The new series are classic books which they have made accessible to younger children. 
  • Friday: The whole school was invited to dress as a Book character and bring a cushion  for 30 minutes 'comfy' reading in the hall. See photo from 2017.
  • There was a competition for 'Extreme reading photographs' and a Spelling Bee competition
  • Some classes were visited by parents who read their favourite books or talk about their experience as authors. 

500 Word story writing competition

We encourage all pupils to enter themselves into the world's biggest short-story writing competition for children.  Please find attached some examples the fantastic stories the children wrote last year including Zahra's story which reached the top 50 finalist a few years ago. This is an amazing achievement out of 135,000 entries. 

500 word stories

Barden's Book by Zahra Chaumoo
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The Chosen One by F Anees
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Macabre Manor by F Rowson
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Diary of a Shy Boy by A Vats
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Diamonds are forever by E Conway
Updated: 23/02/2018 173 KB
Story by E Kennedy
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