500 Word story writing competition

We encourage all pupils to enter themselves into the world's biggest short-story writing competition for children.  Click here to find out how you can enter . Class teachers are not able to enter for you but they would love to see a copy of the story once it has been entered.  Last year one Year 6 pupil reached the final stages and the party at Hampton Court Palace.  Some teachers might set this at homework but you can get started now.

Please find attached some examples the fantastic stories the children wrote last year including Zahra Chaumoo's story which reached the top 50 finalist. This is an amazing achievement out of 135,000 entries. 

500 word stories

Barden's Book by Zahra Chaumoo
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The Chosen One by F Anees
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Macabre Manor by F Rowson
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Diary of a Shy Boy by A Vats
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Diamonds are forever by E Conway
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Story by E Kennedy
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Reading at Wallace Fields Junior School

Reading at home

Reading at home handout
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During the school week, the love of reading and sharing books is encouraged through the use of whole texts on which we base a unit of work in all year groups. We try to encourage children not to read these texts ahead of their year group so that they can enjoy the book unfolding together (see the list below). Once a week, the children have a focused ‘Guided Comprehension’ lesson where comprehension skills are taught and practised.

We have an extensively stocked library with thousands of books which are regularly updated by our librarian, Mrs Bruen, with new titles. Once a fortnight, each class has a dedicated library time to read and look for new books in the library. The library is also open Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes when any child can come in a read or change their book.

Some children are given extra support with either decoding skills or comprehension skills in small groups weekly and we have many adults who come in and hear individual readers who need extra reading support or practise.

Children are asked to read at home three times a week.  A signature from you entitles the reader to three house points. Children are encouraged to read aloud to an adult but more competent readers may only need to read do on occasions.  However, it is a good idea to hear children, even if they are competent readers, so that they can develop their intonation and expression. Most importantly, discussing a text with children is the most effective way to encourage children to think about what they are reading and to develop comprehension skills sand so encourage parents to do this regularly.

Children are encouraged to bring in a reading book every day or if this is not possible to read a book from the book corner.

A talk on ideas and questions that can be asked is run for new parents of Year 3 children in September

Books to avoid reading at home

Year 6 read:-

  • “Goodnight Mr. Tom” by Michelle Magorian
  • “Kensuke’s Kingdom” by Michael Morpurgo
  • “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare
  • “The Daydreamer” by McEwan
  • “Short” by Kevin Crossley Holland
  • “King Kong” by Antony Browne

Year 5 read:

  • “The Firework Makers Daughter” by Philip Pullman
  • “Animal Farm” by George Orwell.

Year 4 read:

  • “Gangsta Granny” by David Walliams
  • “Leon and the Place Between” by Angela McAllister
  • “Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters: An African Tale” by John Steptoe

Year 3 read:

  • “Whale Song” by Dyon Sheldon
  • “The Iron Man” by Ted Hughes
  • “Me and You” by Anthony Browne
  • “Farther” by Grahame Baker-Smith

Further useful information on reading


Author visiting 13th March 2018

On Wednesday 13th March, Children’s author David Fuller will be visiting Wallace Fields Junior School to talk to the children about this popular Alfie Jones series and explain what inspires him as a writer.  The Alfie Jones series centres around a football mad boy whose chance meeting with a mysterious fortune teller at a fun-fair is set to alter the course of his life.  Please visit the website  for more information.  David will also be selling and signing copies of his book(s) at the reduced price of £4.50 (usually £5) to any children who would like a copy.  Please see attached form and flyer below.

Visiting Author

Alfie Jones Poster
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Book Week 2018

Here are some of our exciting events that happened during Book Week 2018 in mid March 2018:

  • Monday: year groups read to each other and Year 6 visited Wallace Fields Infant School. See photo above.
  • Tuesday: The popular authors and illustrators Knife and Packer visited and provided workshops. 
  • Wednesday; Author Billy Bob Buttons spoke to the children about his books and his experience as an author.
  • Thursday: The Lady Mayoress spoke to Year 3 & 4 in assembly and read to each class
  • Thursday: The children's authors, Mandy Archer and Steph Clarkson spoke each Year 3 and 4 class about their new books and how they are made. The new series are classic books which they have made accessible to younger children. 
  • Friday: The whole school was invited to dress as a Book character and bring a cushion  for 30 minutes 'comfy' reading in the hall. See photo from 2017.
  • There was a competition for 'Extreme reading photographs' and a Spelling Bee competition
  • Some classes were visited by parents who read their favourite books or talk about their experience as authors.