Guidance on how to use these resources:

In order to ensure that learning continues at home, we have provided this ‘Get Going’ page, where children can choose from a range of activities that links with the National Curriculum and makes use of the Government funded and approved online classroom and resource hub – Oak National Academy.

We expect the children to follow between two and three days of activities scheduled within the Oak Academy web site. You may find that some of these lessons and units might continue for the remainder of the isolation period, but your child’s class teacher will advise of this within the Google Classroom area.

We would then like you to pick at least 1 Wellbeing activity and 1 ‘for fun’ activity over the course of the initial 2 – 3 days and consider how you might show your learning or skills development to your teachers.

Below are many activities for you to choose from – we want you to be imaginative, energetic and positive in the choices and work that you are choosing to complete! Remember to upload screen shots, documents and/or photos of your work, on to Google Classroom, for your teacher to see what other activities you have chosen to do!


Academic based activities and lessons:

Oak Academy – Key Stage Two subject page –


Click on ‘Schedule’ in the top right hand area of your screen:







Click on your year group:









Click on the ‘Monday’ for the week in which you are isolating and follow the lessons provided until your teacher lets you know that they have uploaded your year group work in your Google Classroom area. You may find that you continue with some of the activities that you have already started in Oak Academy throughout your isolation period – but your teacher will let you know!




Well being (mental and physical) links:





Activities for fun:

Consider – how might you show any new knowledge or skills that you have learned? Could you create a report? A diary entry? Take a photograph? Create a presentation? Add a link to a game or video that you have created? Here is where you can be really creative and decide for yourself!

Don’t forget!

You will still be required to complete homework activities in TTRS, Spelling Shed and Mathletics. The expectation for reading a minimum of three times a week will also continue and you should continue to note your reading down in to your reading record or homework diary as usual.

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