Summer 2017

Values and Achievements


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School Value’s statement is ‘Believe’.  The ‘Believe’ statement was a concept created by the children for our whole school.  Each letter of ‘Believe’ represents a value: Brilliance, Enthusiasm, Learning, Inspiration, Equality, Vision and Every Pupil Matters.  Children are rewarded when one of the values has been achieved.  This is through our House Point rewards System and individual recognition through certificates and awards.



• Year 3: Jamie S, Jack HT, Alyssa C, and AidanC

• Year 4: Harrison S, Sophie B, Toby M, and Isabelle L

Year 5: Kelsey N, Lola W, and Sophie B

• Year 6: Lily D, Jess S, Luca B, Taylor N, Monty A-P, Ben W, and Anita C-P.



• Year 3: Carrie for consistent hardwork and effort in her learning nd for resilience in Quiz Club competion this year!

Also Tejaswi for learning and also Louis P.

• Year 4: Freya D for every pupil matters and Toby M for inspiration.

• Year 5: Coel h and Jack B

• Year 6: Taylor N for resilience and hard work and Calum S for positivity with singing and fabulous learning in Maths.



We celebrate children’s achievements in and out of school by mentioning them in assemblies but also publishing them on our website. If you would like to share your children’s achievements please email




Quicksticks hockey – May 2017

We took three very keen year 6 teams to a hockey tournament at Rosebery and played really well together, considering it was a first for them all in these formations. Of the three teams, one progressed to the final and put up a very hearty fight against Cuddington Croft.


Indoor Athletics team compete in Surrey event – May 2017

Our year 5 & 6 indoor athletics squad, who won the borough event last November, now faced the next level of the tournament against similar winners from all over Surrey at the amazing Surrey Sports Park in Guildford. All the athletics teams were incredible and it was quite a humbling experience! All our athletes ran / jumped, threw and bounced brilliantly but not quite as brilliantly as the other teams and we very graciously took the 12th finishing position. Everyone gave 100% and represented Epsom & Ewell fantastically.


WFJS General Knowledge Quiz team won – April 2017

Ben T, Carrie L, Sofia & Elena E worked brilliantly together to win a tense competition.


WFJS General Knowledge Quiz team won – April 2017

Ben T, Carrie L, Sofia & Elena E worked brilliantly together to win a tense competition.


Musical Evening – March 2017

Some real hidden talent emerged at our Music Evening which had a great reception by the parents and helped raise money for instruments for the music room.


Epsom and Ewell Music Festival - March 2017

The Year 5 Choir performed brilliantly at the Epsom and Ewell Music Festival along with other schools in the area.


Year 5&6 tag rugby tournament – March 2017

Year 5 & 6 rugby squads all played fabulous rugby, with a great sense of sportsmanship and respect for the young referees. Both teams made it through to the semi-finals but faced strong opposition. They all put in 100% and we couldn't have asked for any more.


Netball team end the season on a high - March 2017

Our netball season has been a real challenge this year we had to play some very strong teams. We did finish this term on a high though by winning our last match against Cuddington Croft 7-6.


Tough season for our football team – March 2017

Our footballers had a very mixed bag this season with 3 wins, 4 draws and only 2 losses. They played really well as a team with a lot of support and none of the bickering that was evident in many of our opponents.


Believe Believe 2 Believe 3

Posters above designed by Noemi Winmill, Anita Campos Parkins and Maddy Conway